Catching Our Breath & Important Updates

Wowie! We’re still trying to catch our breath around here after the incredible launch of Floret Seeds.

The response has been absolutely amazing and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the positive feedback we’ve received to our initial offering of seeds, dahlias, anemones, and ranunculus. I’ve received so many sweet notes, comments, virtual high-fives, texts and messages over the past week from friends and flower fans congratulating us on the launch–thank you all for your kind words. Keep em coming!

Among the many accolades, we’ve also fielded a million questions and special requests. Floret’s office manager, Jill, has been a ROCKSTAR at working her way through a massive amount of emails. She’s gone to great lengths to respond to every email and question posed, but the volume is bigger than we ever could have imagined. If you have a question about one of our seed products, I urge you to first check our Frequently Asked Questions AND read through our Floret Seed update below, because chances are the answer to your question can be found in one of these two places.  Here are updates on the hot topics related to Floret Seeds that are filling up our inbox:



Limited quantities of dahlias, still available.  At the time I’m typing this, we have the following dahlias still in stock: CornelIntrigue and Snoho Doris.  These are all some of our tried-and-true garden workhorse favorites.  We will not be re-stocking the other varieties that have already sold out.

Anemones & ranunculus are sold out: We sold out of the last anemones and ranunculus in a matter of minutes. We will not be re-stocking.

Seeds are restocked. All of our seeds are now restocked. Please note: a few of our sweet peas varieties are nearly gone for the year. Blue Vein, Almost Black, Spring Sunshine Champagne and Chocolate Flake.

Floret Seeds now CAN be shipped to Canada. Canadian orders can now be placed directly through our site. *Please note: anemones, ranunculus and dahlias are off limits to order due to import rules, so please don’t add them to your cart otherwise it won’t let you checkout. Seeds, tools and supplies are all up for grabs though.

Unfortunately, shipping Floret Seeds to other countries just isn’t an option at this time (but many of our other gift items are available for international shipping!) If you’re in the UK (or some parts of the EU) I encourage you to check out Sarah Raven if you haven’t done so already, as she offers some of the same great varieties.

Sorry, we can’t add or subtract items once your order is submitted.  We process orders very quickly, so once you place your order, we are unable to make changes to it, as our system is not set up to do that.  If you want an additional item not included in your original order, you’ll need to place another new order.

We ship our seeds in high quality recyclable envelopes. It would have been easier and certainly cheaper to go with the plastic bubble wrap-type envelopes for our seeds and other Floret Shop goods, but the last thing I want to do is create a mountain of waste from this special new venture. I selected recyclable padded envelopes that reflect our values and our brand. They are more expensive to buy and more expensive to ship (they weight more) but they are much kinder to our planet. Each one is hand-packed with a lot of love by our team here at Floret. Every seed order includes a pretty little card with detailed sowing instructions to get your seeds started right.  Oh, and here’s a hint: shipping costs for seeds are the same, whether you buy two packets or 20—so it actually saves to stock up.

Discount code update. I’m thrilled that so many folks appreciated and took advantage of our special promo code included in our recent newsletter. We’ve received a number of emails asking to apply them to past orders. Unfortunately, these codes cannot be retroactively applied to prior orders, or to orders where the code was accidentally forgotten at checkout. NOTE: the code sent out in the recent promotional email is good for one time use; the discount expires 1/31/16.

Direct your growing-related questions to the blog. Rather than send an email, please pose your question within a comment on the blog and I’ll do my very best to provide a quick answer in that space.

2016 workshops are completely sold out.  We will be announcing the details for our 2017 class line-up in early October.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to get all the details.

Kindness matters. Finally, please keep in mind that we are a small, family-run business. Our inbox is overloaded and Jill is doing her best to answer your questions as promptly as possible while juggling her two small children at home. Please remember when you write that there is a real person reading your email on the other end, so your kindness is appreciated.

Thank you again–from the bottom of my heart–for your enthusiastic support of Floret Seeds. If you’re active on Instagram, please include the #FloretSeeds hashtag on any photos you post so we can see the beauty you are cultivating across the country.

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